Residential Electrician in Fort Worth & Dallas, TX

Residential Electrician in Fort Worth & Dallas, TX

Could Your Home Benefit From Electrical Upgrades? Call Authentic Electrical Solutions, LLC today!

Electrical repairs, installations and upgrades are not DIY jobs. When your home needs an electrical wiring installation or electrical upgrades, call on a trustworthy residential electrician in the Fort Worth & Dallas, TX area.

Authentic Electrical Solutions, LLC offers a variety of residential electrical services, including:

  • Electric panel upgrades
  • Electrical installations
  • Electrical repairs
  • Light switch installations
  • Exterior lighting installations
  • Electrical wiring installations
  • Generator installations

Whether you want to install exterior lights or run power from the garage to your new shop in the backyard, we can do the job. Reach out to Authentic Electrical Solutions to hire a residential electrical contractor serving Fort Worth & Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas.

Call us for electrical troubleshooting services

Are you having problems with your electrical outlets? Have your lights started to flicker? You can rely on Authentic Electrical Solutions for electrical troubleshooting in Fort Worth & Dallas, TX and surrounding communities. We’ll diagnose the issue and perform the necessary electrical repairs. Call 817-881-2011 now to hire an experienced residential electrician.